Plastic is most definitive not fantastic, especially for the environment, and Australian Bioplastics is determined to reduce the amount of agricultural plastic sent to landfill.

Winner of the Telstra Award for Innovation and Technology at the 2011 Elmore Field Days, Australian Bioplastics aims to create new and environmentally-friendly versions of traditional plastic products.

“We are very honoured to be nominated and it was a huge thrill to win and receive validation for our product”, Australian Bioplastics founder Joe Gagliardi said.

Since the Company began in 2004 it has continued to advocate the minimisation of plastic mulch filmwaste generated by the agricultural industry.

Australian Bioplastics offers an Australian-made and environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional petroleum- and chemical-based plastic mulch film.

The premium biodegradable film is made from a natural corn starch resin to individual specifications, depending on crop cycle requirements.

Petroleum- and chemical-based mulch film must be removed from the ground and placed into landfill, which can be costly and leak toxins into the ground.

However, the Australian Bioplastics corn starch mulch film biodegrades at the end of the crop cycle, and can be ploughed straight back into the soil.

After a number of requests, Australian Bioplastics is in the process of developing environmentally-friendly hay wraps, netting, domestic and home gardening products.

Australian Bioplastics also offers a range of biodegradable cutlery and catering accessories. For more information phone Joe on 0438579989, or visit